Careers at Roster

Careers at Roster

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Our Mission

Efficient growth isn’t something you can afford to think of next quarter. It’s table stakes. Innovative businesses today invest in their Operations teams, who act as the connective tissue between people, tools, and processes.

At Roster, we help companies unlock operational excellence.

Our Vision

We’re pioneering a new intelligence platform for the modern Operations leader. Our tools help teams maximize revenue, drive efficiencies, and understand what drives repeatable success.

For the first time, Ops teams will be able to instantly see what team behaviors are most effective, diagnose bottlenecks/waste quickly, and identify top-performing execution playbooks.

We envision a world:

  • More time on strategic work
  • More space for creativity
  • Simple answers for “doing more, with less”
  • Operational excellence at Day One

Our Product

We’re building a large-scale cloud-based SaaS system that runs at enterprise and internet scale. It consolidates and analyzes billions of data points daily across disparate third-party data sources. The product surfaces nuanced insights and rich data visualizations to help customers improve team performance and processes.

Today, we are prototyping with several partners in a closed beta.

Our Team

We are NYC and SF-based. We like to do things IRL. Team members in our hub cities work together in-person several days a week. We also have bi-monthly offsites where we get everyone together in NYC or other fun destination.

You’ll be a good fit if you are energized by starting in a green field and going from “zero to one.” We are looking for caring, driven, and curious builders. As one of our early team members, you'll help build our company culture from the ground up.

Our Backers

We’re lucky to be supported by a group of top investors, founders, and operators we deeply admire including Founders Fund, firstminute capital, FJ Labs, and 30+ operator angels, including founder & Operations executives at Uber, Stripe, Rent the Runway, WeWork, and Coinbase,

Working at Roster

Our Values

Spirited Curiosity We share a relentless willingness to learn and enjoy finding creative solutions to hard problems. We aren’t afraid of saying “I don’t know — but I’ll figure it out, fast.” Since we were kids, we’ve been energetically asking the question ‘WHY?
Wrangle the Chaos Messy & complex? Count us in to solve it. We thrive in highly ambiguous and fast-paced environments. We crave clarity in midst of noise. We seek structure in the unstructured... especially when there’s a moving target involved.
Less Talk, More Action Execution velocity is a competitive advantage. We are highly scrappy self-starters who take calculated risks. Building requires taking full ownership of our work, and getting things done (not perfect) to deliver value faster to our customers. Their pain is our pain, and we’re here to make life better!
Collaborate with Kindness We enter discussions with an open mind, give honest feedback, and aren’t afraid to challenge others’ assumptions. We recognize that we’re all here to grow together — and try to get a bit wiser, and more understanding of each other, every day.
Compounding Leverage Clear documentation and reflection on what went well (or poorly) helps us step up our game. Mistakes are OK, and successes are celebrated… as long as you share widely! As we iterate, progress can only accelerate. It’s the power of compounding!
No Bamboozling Teams are built on trust, respect, and intellectual humility. Many startups trade in arrogance and platitudes — that is not us. We believe in results (not face time) and lending a helping hand no matter the task. We care deeply about pushing each other upwards.


Diversity is a core tenet. To build an enduring organization & product that’s loved by everyone, we need a team with all kinds of different perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds.

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